Olive goes to the Farmers Market

Today Olive told her friend, Brutus, “Meet me at 3rd & Fairfax!” Which is the corner of the famous Hollywood Farmer’s Market.

They traipsed around looking for snacks…

…but all they seemed to find was fruit!

Finally! Something that looks yummy.

Unfortunately, the baker had other plans for his muffins and chased them away.

Time to just chill out.

13 thoughts on “Olive goes to the Farmers Market

  1. So cute! I really think that you should make a book/books about Olive, and aim it at kids your nieces age (the younger girl). Seriously. The adventures of Olive outside (or some such thing).

  2. This is too cute for words!!!!! I felt like I was reading this adorable children’s book…”The Adventures of Olive!” Ever think about making a children’s book about Olive’s adventures – using your FANTABULOUS photography?!

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