Orange County Family Portraits, #2

I met Heidi in Jr. High. In fact, that’s where we took our first black and white lab together! (Um, that’s a class where one learns to develop film.) Anyway, I’ve been shooting her lovely family for years (here’s 2006) and love to hang out with her see how the kids have grown. They live in Orange County, so today we met for lunch-and-a-photo-shoot at the Irvine Spectrum… near the carousel!





Justin & Heidi

8 thoughts on “Orange County Family Portraits, #2

  1. It is such a SMALL world!!! Browsing your blog, as it is sooo amazing…scrolling through & amazed to know the awesome Fox Family! Beautiful pictures, Jules! Love! Love! Love! What a pleasant surprise! So Beautiful!

  2. And I totally agree that you nailed that image of Brennan, it’s off the charts great. The family photo at the end is absolutely priceless. I spent an evening with the Fox family and several others this past Tuesday and I have to say that you captured all of their personalities. Look how much Brennan looks like his daddy, so cute!!!!! Farrah Brooke, that is so YOU!!!!!

  3. Love love love these.

    Call me next time girl… let me be your third shooter! If you bring Olive, I’ll go with fourth… whatever.

    Great job. Can’t wait to see you guys soon!

  4. This family is GORGEOUS. I especially love that picture of Brennan………….wow. That is award winning worthy………..ofcourse the other pics are great. I like the family pic at the bottom………………

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