Pleasant Hill Family Portraits

Although I love watching my client’s families grow, I REALLY love watching my sister’s family grow. I have been photographing the Brown family for their Christmas card for years…. four of those years are represented here on my blog!


And for 2008 I chose to do a slightly different take for their portrait. They have “family snuggle time” every weekend, so I wanted to shoot something that would allow them to remember that special time years from now. Everyone got into their PJ’s and we did this year’s shoot in the bedroom. I LOVE how the photographs turned out, and I love you, Joy!

11 thoughts on “Pleasant Hill Family Portraits

  1. GREAT pics – and what fun! It looks like they are going to need a king size bed as the girls get older (and want to bounce, etc). HAHA. What a great idea – family/snuggle time. Too cute!

  2. These are great! This should be a tradition for family Christmas cards. I love how the whole session was in their bed. Love the movement of those girls. Too cute.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures (ESPECIALLY the black & white ones)!!!!! I LOVE how you captured the emotions and the expressions on all their faces are priceless…SPECTACULAR WORK :o)

  4. Because I always think real life moments are the one’s worth capturing, I love, love, love that you took the holiday photo to that level. Those shots say more than any holiday newsletter ever could 🙂 Beautiful, Jules, simply beautiful.

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