The Secret Mission

Okay! So many of you have been following my Twitters. In the last few days, the tweets have all been about a top secret mission that was happening on Monday. Well, here you go… secrets (kind of) revealed! The whole event was sponsored by Microsoft Expression Media 2, Triple Scoop Music, Asuka Book, Kubota Image Tools, ShowIt Sites, Photographers’ Edit, WPP, Mike Colón and Loktah and will benefit Thirst Relief and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

21 photographers were broken up into two teams.

Team A: David Jay, Dane Sanders, Kevin Kubota, Kenny Kim, Jenn & Steve Bebb, Chris Humphreys, Alisha Todd, Robert Evans, Becker, Bronson Pate and me, Jules Bianchi.
Charity: Thirst Relief

Team B: Jasmine Star, Gene Higa, Jim Garner, Joe Photo, Bambi Cantrell, Ann Hamilton, Kate Humphreys, Catherine Hell, Brook Todd and Michele Celantano
Charity: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Each team was given 24 hours to write, produce and edit a short movie. YOU will be voting on those movies and the winner will be announced at WPPI! The winning team will give its benefitting charity $3000, and the team who comes in second will give theirs $2000. In the weeks leading up to WPPI, you’ll be able to watch the antics of each team on “reality TV show” type webisodes at a URL to be announced soon. Each team had the help of amazing videographers David Robin, Loyd Calomay and Joth Riggs.

Be sure to follow my Twitters and Facebook posts to find out where to catch all the action.

The entire event was the brainchild of my friend, Ron Dawson. You may remember him from last year’s WPPI spoof, “Diary of a Washed up Photographer” starring Joe Photo. Thank you, Ron, for such an amazing experience!! Also, THANK YOU to my sister, Joy, who came down to help out with the project and shot most of the images below (you can even see her reflection in the glass in one shot!)

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