Christmas Cookies

My sister, Joy, makes holiday cookies with her girls every Christmas. They give the cookies to their teachers, postman, garbage collectors and other people who touch their lives every day. Its such a fun tradition! This year she made them with me and Marty at my mother’s house.

Joy hard at work.

Penelope is serious about her decorating.

Millie seems to have gotten more frosting on her hands than on the cookies. That’s okay – the more to lick off!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies

  1. i didn’t even know i was on here! ha. better watch out, never know when you’ll end up on jules’ blog. i love you, sis!

  2. You know, you can MAIL cookies, as long as you do it within a day or two of making them…………………let me know when you are ready for my address Joy! By the way, love the t!

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