Let the bidding begin!

TONIGHT the Thirst Relief Auction begins! Here are all the details:

WHO is benefitting: Thirst Relief International.

WHAT you are bidding on:

* A 90 minute mentor session with me. My sister and partner, Joy Bianchi Brown (the favorite twin) will also be there to give her advice! (worth: $300)
* A Kubota Imaging Tools flashdrive containing Kevin Kubota’s amazing Actions and his new dashboard to use them oh-so-easily. (worth: $600)
* A promo code for you to create your own beautiful, custom digital Kolo Album. (worth $200)
* The fabulously informative book, Fast Track Photographer (worth: $25)
* My own custom presets for ACR or Lightroom (worth: $65)
* Various Kolo products (worth: approximately $50-$100)
* Lunch!! (worth: approximately $30-$50)

All of this together totals over $1200… so go bid right now! Did you know that every 15 seconds someone dies of a waterborne illness? That’s 5760 people every day! The photographers involved in this auction are helping in a unique way by offering their time, advice and other goodies. Check out Thirst Relief’s Mentor Auction TONIGHT and bid on a mentoring session with me…or another favorite photographer if you must. 🙂

HOW to get involved: Bidding starts at 10PM EST (7PM PST) on Thirst Relief Mentor Auctions and will close on Sunday, February 1st at midnight EST. Check out the auctions by clicking HERE or on the image below.

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