Kicking off my PUG Tour!

I’m planning a v-e-r-y slow PUG tour this year. I’m going to try to fit in travel and speaking in between my weddings because I just want a chance to go out and see new places and meet new people. Last night, I practiced my talk, “Getting from I Do to I’m Done” on my OWN Los Angeles PUG. It was really fun! Thank you to Justine Ungaro for taking the photos.

I want to thank Kolo Albums, Tamrac Bags & Kubota Image Tools for providing such great prizes for the group!

Also, thank you to Christa Meola for being our Studio Spotlight! She shared some really cool information and showed us a stunning slideshow of her current work.

Here is Christa, our Studio Spotlight:

Then I took over to give my talk:

We have a really great group in Los Angeles! If you are a photographer in the area, please feel free to join us!

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