Happy Easter!!

When my grandmother died I was 16 years old. She had a huge collection of pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) that she had collected – some of which my family had made while I was growing up. Her collection was split up, and I got a few of the eggs. To honor my grandmother (and because its a really fun tradition) every Easter I pull out my tools and my friends come over to make pysanky. Thank you to April Rocha, Tiffany Shine, Marty Thornley, Kim & Roberto Valenzeula, Gustavo Fernandez, Kevin Kubota, Amber Larkin, Sarah Calahan, Lindsay Allen, Jen Herbig, Joy Bianchi Brown, Lori Warner, Wanda Wen, Liz Cooper & Alec, and Angel Swanson who joined in this year to make them with me!

9 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!


    I love it! I love the kids and I love oscar and olive…they are cute!

    Do post more pictures of kids…
    and hey if you ever down in India…give me a shout…would love to show you around…

    warm regards from India

  2. OH wow those are so freakin’ cool! I have never seen those kinds of eggs before. How did you get those decorations? I’m trying to study the photography, but I’m still so clueless! 🙂

  3. So fun! I remember your post on this last year! I love to do this as well. I love all the colors and there is just something so therapeutic about holding an egg, don’t you think? I just started my blog and did a post last week on pysanky. I don’t have nearly as many pics as you but had to laugh that we have nearly the same shot with kiskas in a glass star shaped candle holder! http://www.christianachilders.com/blog. Have a great week!

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