Brentwood Engagement portraits

On Saturday I shot Stephanie & Steve’s engagement portraits. Stephanie’s family has lived in Brentwood since the mid-80’s, so they wanted to do the shoot there, in their family home. Stephanie & Steve have a really easy style about them, and I think their wedding at the Bel Air Bay Club this August is going to be very cool. I love that Steve brought his cats, Smokey & Scooby along for the shoot! I have such a soft spot for anyone with pets!!

6 thoughts on “Brentwood Engagement portraits

  1. (from the bottom) Numbers one and six are my favorite. Too cute. I think that you should have a whole website (such as a choice off of your main page, strictly for animals/pets.

  2. Love the cats.. I have MJ and Paul McCartney singing Ebony and Ivory in my head right now… Thanks! LOL Seriously though terrific work!

  3. Oh wow, I LOVE the cat shots! 😀 I always see dogs in engagement and wedding photos so this is very refreshing.. My favourite is second to last!

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