Hawksnest Beach Wedding, St. John, USVI

emilie & j
april 25, 2009

So on April 22nd, Marty, Joy, Brett (Joy’s husband) and I flew down to St. John, USVI to spend the week and shoot the wedding of the beautiful couple, Emilie & J, who are also BOTH wedding photographers!! Since Emilie & J are very well known and respected in the wedding industry, I was beyond flattered to be asked to shoot their wedding. Emilie’s good friend, Kate Parker is a talented wedding designer who coordinated the entire thing and made it beautiful!

And without further ado:

22 thoughts on “Hawksnest Beach Wedding, St. John, USVI

  1. Jules: Your energy, passion, creativity and love for photography is so inspiring. This couple has been truly blessed with the images you captured at their wedding. How beautiful!

  2. OK Jules, as I sit here in chilly, cloudy Boston, there are only three words I want to say to *you*:



    But the photos *are* something special, and I’m sure Emilee and J LOVE them.

  3. Thank you so much Jules, Joy, Marty and Brett! The slideshow brings us right back, and we are both so excited that you documented our special day, forever. xo

  4. Hi Jules! WOW! Emilee and J looked amazing and some of those shots belong in a magazine. I have been following Emilee’s wedding prep on her blog and I am so excited for her that the day finally came. Your work is outstanding! Blessings to you!

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