Animal Rescue Foundation Benefit: Mutt Mugshots

The Mutt Mugshots event today was SO much fun. We had 15 gorgeous dogs and raised $150 for ARF so far. Besides the $10 per dog, 5% of the packages purchased from these sessions will also go to ARF, so we don’t have the final numbers yet. I couldn’t help myself…even though I’m the farthest behind on my blog I’ve EVER been, I had to do a little sneak peek of today’s events.

A HUGE thank you to my mother for being the BEST dog wrangler EVER!!

12 thoughts on “Animal Rescue Foundation Benefit: Mutt Mugshots

  1. Jules-

    Adorable pets and adorable shots! You can tell that the team involved truly loves animals. Very gentle handling & manipulating and such!
    Take Care,
    Cindy Hagedorn Arauz

  2. Thank you so much for taking Zachs pictures today. I’m really sorry he was so difficult. He just loved you both sooooo much just wanted to be near you. I can’t wait to see them. You both are awesome. Please tell Olive Thank You for letting Zachary borrow the bed and BIG Hugs to (your mom?) for helping. Muuah!

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