Family portraits in Victory Park, Pasadena

A few weeks ago I met the Rubin Family in Victory Park, Pasadena. I have known Kevin for a while because he is the CFO of Pictage, but I had not met his lovely family or their cute dog, Murphy, before! Kevin had taken my Photo 101 Workshop a few nights before, so I made sure to explain to him everything I was doing as I photographed his family.

These are a few of my favorites!

3 thoughts on “Family portraits in Victory Park, Pasadena

  1. Jules, I LOVE how you include pets in your pictures!!!!! You are totally capturing life in all your pictures and we all love seeing it through your eyes 🙂 LOVE IT!

  2. 1st Thought: Gorgeous family!
    2nd Thought: Hey isn’t that Pictage Kevin???
    3rd Thought: I DO Love You, Jules!

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