PUG/FEO photographer’s group at my studio!

If you are a photographer in the East Bay, be sure to put the first Tuesday of each month on your calendar! Come join us for the Pictage User Group/Fast Track Photography meeting. You are not required to be a member of either to come! Because WPPI was last week, Gustavo Fernandez and Joy & I put on our Photographer’s Ignite presentations for the group. Then everyone shared their favorite lesson, speaker, product, etc. from their WPPI experience. It was GREAT hearing from everyone and learning a bunch of new things!

Join us NEXT MONTH on April 6th when the fabulous Michael Corsentino will be talking about sales!

(Thank you to Shelly Waldman for shooting these pics of the evening.)

3 thoughts on “PUG/FEO photographer’s group at my studio!

  1. Jules and Joy,
    It’s always a pleasure hanging out in the studio with talented and creative photographers. Thank you for creating an enjoyable space to host the PUG/FEO. Be sure to pass on my thanks and gratitude to Ananda Shorey for leading the FEOs as well. Looking forward to the sales talk with Michael. 🙂

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