The start of many speaking engagements….

THANK YOU so much to everyone who came out to hear me speak on Social Networking last Tuesday at the NCPP (Northern California Professional Photographers).

If you missed the talk, here is a list of the speaking engagements I will be doing over the next several months (PLUS there are a FEW more that I’m not allowed to mention yet!) I am actually doing a few of these talks WITH my sister, Joy, and we are so flattered to have been asked to participate in such an amazing list of educational events. (Please choose a few to attend so that my mom isn’t only one there!)

August 23, 2010: WPPI Roadshow in Irvine
October 20, 2010: Professional Photographers of the Sacramento Valley
November 6, 2010: Kevin Kubota’s SummitUP
November 9-11,2010: Pictage’s PartnerCon
February 20, 2010: Wedding & Portrait Photographer’s International (WPPI)

Thank you to Tom O’Connor for shooting these pics of us at the NCPP event.

terranea resort wedding photography

3 thoughts on “The start of many speaking engagements….

  1. You ladies were so awesome at WWPI Irvine! Loved loved loved you! You brought so much energy and enthusiasm in the early morning, and I was so inspired by your work and how you market your business. I really learned a lot and am so grateful that you were willing to share and help others grow too. Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work!

  2. I am so glad I was able to hear you talk about Social Networking at the NCPP! I learned quite a bit and have begun using some of your tips! THANK YOU!

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