my Moms with Cameras class

A few nights ago, I drove out to San Ramon to teach my Moms with Cameras (Photography 101) class. Although my throat always hurts after over three hours of talking, I really love teaching this class. If you are a mom with a camera (or really, just a person who wants to understand photography) get at least 5 friends together and I will come to you to teach the course!

If you are a photographer and are interested in teaching your OWN Moms with Cameras class, I have been putting together a Moms with Cameras workshop KIT for photographers, too! (email me here:

Thank you so much to Shriti Bhandari of In Pursuit of Pictures for graciously opening her home and hosting my most recent Moms with Cameras class!

Snacks, wine, & presents for all… its a GREAT class!!

photography 101

trying to teach the Rule of Thirds…

photography 101

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  1. Her workshop is awesome! If you are a mom wanting to learn about how to take better pictures, then go to her workshop! If you are a photog, buy her curriculum. I teach photo and I’m a pro photographer and I was reminded of so much good stuff. She breaks it down! Good stuff people!

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