Crumb Cookies!

Today was a delicious departure from my normal shooting… I photographed all of the the Crumb cookies for their new website…. You MUST check them out if you are having a party or in need of an amazing after school or after work snack. They are seriously as good as they look.

crumb cookies san francisco

2 thoughts on “Crumb Cookies!

  1. Oh, those cookies are to die for, all thanks to your photographs 🙂
    Do you have any tips for photographing food in plastic bags? I always have hard time doing that.

    P.S: I’ve seen your creative live course with your sister and I’ve really enjoyed it and benefited from it a lot.

    1. I think the only tip would be to light from the side so that it comes through the plastic rather than shining directly onto the plastic… THANK YOU for your kind words!

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