my Moms with Cameras/Photo 101 class!

The past Wednesday, Joy and I had a great Moms with Cameras/Photo 101 class at our studio! Thank you to Tamrac and UnDfind for providing awesome goodies in our swag bags. If you got a new DSLR for Christmas, you might want to think about joining our next class. If you would like schedule a class of your own, please email Joy at or just give us a call at 925.323.4961.

If you are a photographer and would like to teach your OWN class… I sell a comprehensive Moms with Cameras kit that includes many marketing ideas, finished hand-outs, examples AND the completely finished Keynote presentation for use on your Mac. You can customize it or just teach it as is. Check it out here.

Lastly, our Photo 101 ebook is currently ON SALE for 50% off. Just click here and use the code “JOY”.

photo 101 class

photo 101 class

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