Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

Because my mother’s family is from Ukraine, when I was a child we would receive our stockings on St. Nicholas Day instead of Christmas Day. St. Nick’s is on December 6th, and it really helps kick off the holiday season!!

Even though I haven’t lived at home for a long time, my mother faithfully sends me and Olive our stockings every St. Nick’s. THANK YOU MOM!! I love you!!

Check out the STASH!! Mom MADE me a gorgeous cloth for my table to really help put some Christmas spirit in the house. Olive stuck her nose in the box and pulled out her ball herself. She seems quite proud of it.

2 thoughts on “Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

  1. hey! i didn’t get all that! mom likes you better. no fair. well… she DOES have to make stockings for FOUR of us in my family, as opposed to just you and Olive in yours….

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