I have been friends with John O’Donnell for about 10 years now, and I am so excited for him because he’s started up his own line of cool clothing! John is an avid golfer, and this clothing line is all about that particular sport.

To get awesome product shots of his clothing line, Mr. Johnnie-O hired his good friend, Jules Bianchi. We had fun together getting those shots, but what I’m looking forward to is the fashion shoot we’ll be doing in a few weeks featuring gentlemen wearing Johnnie-O on the golf course! You can check out the Johnnie-O website by clicking here. (Of course, I just photographed the line today so there isn’t much on his site yet… but give it a few days!)

Here are a few detail shots and a few of the product colors just to give you an idea of what we did today. Check out the neat features on the shorts like the built-in shammie to clean off a dirty golf ball, or the ability to embroider your club’s logo on the back! To see a larger version of everything, please click here.

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