Mark Seliger

Tonight my friend, Robert Evans, invited me to Mark Seliger’s show at the Fahey Klein gallery on La Brea. I met Mark back in my Chris O’Donnell days when he came out to London to shoot Chris there. I remember he convinced Chris to get into the fountain at Trafalger Square even though getting into the water isn’t really allowed. The shots were worth it, though!

Mark’s show is titled “In My Stairwell” and is, well, a series of shots he’s taken (on medium format film) in his stairwell.

I love projects like this. I think as a photographer it’s important to find personal projects to keep yourself inspired and keep photography fun. I myself did a few recently (the color project and the alphabet project) and I’m in the process of figuring out my next one. I haven’t had an actual show in years, so I think that may be a new goal of mine…

There were a lot of people at the show, so of course we ran into some friends.

Robert, Jules & Josh

Checking out the show

Jules Bianchi and Debra Gerson of Gerson Photography

Ira Gershoff of Leather Craftsmen, Jules Bianchi and Robert Evans.

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