one minute ago: reading Joy’s blog and getting this idea.

one hour ago: looking at my Year End Report and writing down what each miscellaneous item was for.

one day ago: doing a shoot for David Regier’s CD cover, editing that down and doing a little PhotoShop work to my favorites. Finalizing a few pages on a client album and watching the end of “You, Me and Everyone We Know” as well what I had on Tivo – “The Office” and turning off “Scrubs” because it has just gotten so bad.

one week ago: (had to refer to Entourage to remember) meeting with a client in my living room for the first time since I’ve redone it, going to Marty’s house to cut matts for the photographs that will soon be on the walls.

one month ago: (had to refer to my blog to remember) went to Sonoma with Jason, Joy and Brett and did a little wine tasting and winding down.

one year ago: sad to say the only thing in my calendar for that day is an appointment with a chiropractor whom I don’t see anymore. At that time I was meeting with clients at the Bridal Bar and changing my pricing structure for 2005.

one decade ago: in January of 1996 I had just started working as the personal assistant to Chris O’Donnell. We were working on the lot of Universal Studios on a movie called “The Chamber” and preparing to live in Mississippi for three months.

one quarter century ago: in 1981 I was 10 years old and living in Clayton, California with my immediate family and any number of cats (mom and dad didn’t seem to understand the value of spaying our pets.) My family traveled together a lot, and I think we went to Italy that summer…I am really glad I did a lot of traveling as a kid, but I don’t think I had the appreciation for it then that I do now.

Its interesting to reflect on one’s life… I wonder what the next 25 years will be like…

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