Shooting with Becker

Tonight I spent my New Year’s Eve shooting a wedding with my good friend, the wildly talented photographer Becker. He is so inspirational, and I learn so much from him. Thanks, b, for asking me to come along.

There were plenty of adorable children to shoot, which I love.

I just love this shot I took of Becker – it rained the entire day, but he’s such a trouper… he was determined to get a shot of all the men in the front of the church, (please check out tonight’s wedding on his blog to see it, its really fantastic) and someone was kind enough to hold the umbrella (unlike me who was hiding under the overhang shooting him with a very long lens.)

probably the kookiest thing I’ve seen at a wedding…a wedding pyramid!

and of course, the New Year’s Eve Count Down.

1 thought on “Shooting with Becker

  1. Jules, your pictures are so fabulous! You make everything look amazing. Even little nothingingness things come alive when you take its picture! The snowman cake looks like something straight out of a magazine. The little girl looks like a professional model. How do you do that? You’re the best!

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