A Shout Out

I love to shoot weddings. I readily admit that I’m a workaholic and not only shoot weddings that I myself have booked, but give up my weekends (and holidays) to second shoot weddings with friends. Okay, yes, we do compensate each other either with money or with trade-offs, but I really feel that shooting weddings with my talented friends is also a true learning experience. My father used to tell me that you are heavily influenced by your friends, and these are people I definitely want influencing me! They are all so different from each other and so talented in their own ways.

I love to look at other photographer’s work just to get inspired and see what other people are doing. The following five photographers are people I shot with in 2005 (some also came with me to second shoot on my weddings.) I want to thank them for letting me spend time with them and for being my friends! If I am booked for a wedding, I would readily refer any and all of them.

In no particular order:

Suzi Varin

Tiffany Stern

The Becker

Anna Kuperberg

John Riedy

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