Dogs Are People, Too

I am working with a writer on a concept for a book about the bond between a dog and its owner. The working title is “Dogs Are People, Too.” We want to celebrate how dogs have enriched our lives and in possibly ways we didn’t expect! We want to involve about 30 people of note and their dogs. I will take the photographs and Alex Asher Sears (the writer) will conduct the interviews and write the stories. Our goal is to create a coffee table book with proceeds to benefit one or more animal organizations yet to be determined.

I had been looking for a new project and was partially inspired to do this one by my good friend, Tina, who has been rescuing dogs on a regular basis. Tina came to visit me and Olive today with a new rescue, Lady. Lady is currently looking for a home, so if you are interested in having a new family member, please shoot me an email and I will set you up!

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