Santa Monica Pier

Laura & Andrew, part one.

Today’s engagement shoot took place on the Santa Monica Pier. Laura really wanted a beach shoot since she and Andrew live in Santa Monica, so we chose the pier for its combination of beach, color and fun. First we shot a little bit on the pier, then we went on down to the water. Usually its the clients who get a wet while I stay safely on land, but today I got a little too zealous and decided to brave the water myself. I was up to my knees before I was hit by a wave and had to run to the nearest restroom to dry off my camera. I say, what is insurance is for if not replacing cameras ruined by salt water? We will be finishing up the shoot later this week on the Warner Brothers lot – I think that is going to be a very cool location, too! Laura and Andrew are a really fun couple, and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding at Estancia in San Diego later this year.

Some favorites from the day:

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