Gary Fong

In every industry there are leaders that everyone looks up to. In the wedding photography world, Gary Fong is one of those leaders. He is currently on tour (yes, much like a rock star) with his “One Step Ahead” Seminar, and last night’s was in Los Angeles. This one was special because it was being taped to become a DVD later, so there was a camera on a crane lurking around the room the entire night! Gary is a brilliant salesman and a very funny guy to boot! There were a LOT of wedding photographers there, and during the break Gary went around shooting images of everyone for a quick album design demonstration later in the evening. This is one of those images. I like to call it “Jules Bianchi and the Pictage Dream Team”:

Debra Gerson, J. Sandifer, Jules Bianchi, Dave Leubke, and Jeff Jochum

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