L.A. Weddings Soiree

Every month Los Angeles Weddings Magazine throws a soiree for its advertisers. Its a fun way to get to know other wedding vendors while sipping on apple martinis! This month’s social was at the very cool Kendall Brasserie downtown. As usual, I thought I would just stay for a short while and I ended up being one of the last to go. Its really good to connect with friends!

Because I did not have my point-and-shoot with me, Jenifer of B & G Photography graciously gave me some images that she shot.

Jules Bianchi and Jenifer Greer Berggren

A cluster of Bridal Bar members: Photographer Todd Johnson, Tic-Tock Couture Florals’ Eddie Zaratsian, Bridal Bar owner Harmony Walton, Photographer Brian Kramer and me, Photographer Jules Bianchi.

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