Peninsula Golf & Country Club, Menlo Park

annamaria & eric.

I love shooting in the Bay Area because it means I get to shoot with my sister, Joy. Today’s wedding took place at the Church of the Nativity and the Peninsula Golf & Country Club. It was a really BIG really FUN Italian wedding!!

What I saw:

4 thoughts on “Peninsula Golf & Country Club, Menlo Park

  1. Jules,

    We are on our way to my mom’s to open gifts, so no time to write…

    But, we have time to say three words to you and Joy.

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

    We’ll be in touch…no kidding you and Joy are amazing…

    Annamaria and Eric

  2. Jules —

    You and your sister did a FANTASTIC job with the pictures. GREAT picture of the cake (my cake made it on your website, woo hoo!)!! It was so much fun looking at these pictures on your website, reliving the day. Spectacular moments caught in a picture is what you have done…THANK YOU!

    Jennifer 🙂
    (Annamaria & Eric’s cousin)
    (aka: Their wedding cake vendor!);)

  3. Jules, everything about shooting this wedding with you was pure JOY! ha! you are such a blast to shoot with–and what an amazing couple they are! I LOVE that shot of the little boy as his father is coaxing him down the aisle with the candy–classic moment. And that steeple on the church! And that teensy italian car! And that cake! and…and…and!! I’m so lucky to shoot your Bay Area weddings with you! I love wedding season–although it is pretty much all year for you now, huh?

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