Penelope turns 5!!

I can’t believe I’ve been an auntie for over five years! I adore my family, and as the family photographer I am always the one to document the big events.

Yesterday Penelope had a “My Pretty Pony” party complete with pony cake and two REAL pretty ponies!!

What I saw:

presents for all the children!!

Penelope’s pretty cake…

the Princess herself (I spent a good portion of my morning blowing up balloons)


Penelope’s friends ALL helped her blow out the candles!

a pony with a rainbow mane!!!

3 thoughts on “Penelope turns 5!!

  1. Great pictures – wow, I am so impressed with that (real) pony!! Totally cute. How did Joy find that person to bring the pony?! Penelope is adorable, and is lucky indeed to have a professional photographer and great Aunt at her party!!
    (Auntie of Rachel for 14 years now!)

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