Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Today I did engagement portraits for Frances and Jonathan at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. We could have shot there all day, there are just so many great spots!

They are such a lovely couple and so obviously in love, I am really excited for their wedding this July!!

What I saw:

2 thoughts on “Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

  1. I love all of the photos!!! The light was beautiful towards the end, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the shots – what a fun time 🙂

    Thank you, Jules, for a genuinely fun afternoon!

    P.S. For Jeanne: The story of how Jonathan and I met is long and complicated. The extremely short, meaningless version is that he and my older brother were friends in college at the time. (The twist: they were in southern California at school…I lived in North Carolina at the time…)

  2. My favorite is the one in the pink frame. Very flattering, very nice! I like them all though. They seem like an interesting couple. I would love to know how they met.

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