Today I drove down to Orange to shoot Christy and Matt at their alma mater, Chapman University.

I’m a big fan of shooting my images RAW, but today I decided to use the various parameters in my camera, shoot jpegs and select different parameters depending on the shot. I designed three custom setting as well, and it was really fun! Now, I have a lot less post-production work to do!!

Also, I tried something new on the shoot itself. Rather than just taking portraits, I set up “scenes” and gave Christy and Matt a little direction. They were amazing! It made the whole shoot so much more fun, and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding at the Richard Nixon Library in October. We are making a guest book from these images… I’m so glad because there were SO many good ones, they deserve to be in a book!!

What I saw:

7 thoughts on “Orange

  1. Jules,

    I love you already! The pictures of Christy are amazing! It makes me so excited for the wedding pic’s! You are truly talented…………..

    Mother of the Bride

  2. LOL. Yeah, I went to bed early, and was awakened by the dogs (to go out), so I got online for awhile. I don’t know. They are all gorgeous.

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