Happy Birthday, Chenin!!

I know I’m blogging out of order again, but I wanted to post some photos from Chenin Boutwell’s fun pink birthday party last night.

Pink Party details

Doug & Chenin have the COOLEST house. I like to call this the “Boutwell Wall of Love.” It is a wall of nearly floor-to-ceiling photographs of people, places and animals that they love.

We’ll call this section, “Power Photography Couples”

Funky Boutwell lighting for the funky Chenin & Doug Boutwell

John Mirales & Jen Dery

John Michael & Dalisa Cooper

Jessica Claire & Becker

And I just love this shot that Jen Dery took of Dina Douglass, Jessica Claire & me…

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Chenin!!

  1. Jules, this photo is so lovely. Jess looks beautiful, you look angelic, and I’m in the photo. LOL. What great company to be in. Thanks for posting. And thanks to Jen for taking this. When I get a copy, I’m going to frame it. 🙂 XOXO

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