Haciendas De Las Flores

vicki & chris.
october 7, 2006

This past Saturday, Joy and I shot Victoria & Chris’ wedding at the gorgeous venue, Haciendas De Las Flores.

It had been raining for two days before, but the weather was perfect on Saturday!

As usual, I fell in love with SO many pics, but here are some favorites:

I really like this image that Joy shot of ME…

…taking this shot!

I like how you can see Vicki’s family behind her here…

I really love the moment when my bride & groom have their first look…I photographed Vicki…

…while Joy shot Chris’ expression. They both look so excited!

One flower girl was Vicki’s niece, and the other was Chris’ niece, and they were such good friends.

Party people…

Despite the gorgeous backlight, Vicki was glowing all day!

I thought the ceremony site was really cool….

A quick kiss after walking back down the aisle…

I thought the glasses were laid out very creatively!

Cute pink & brown cake… rolled fondant, Joy’s FAVORITE!

The bride & groom loved carmel apples, and since this was a Fall wedding, they chose them as their favors. I decided to use the apple stick as a creative way to photograph the wedding bands! I absolutely love this shot.

Another neat-o ring shot…

Beautiful Victoria.

Handsome Chris.

I did not cross process any actual FILM at this wedding, but I love that I have the option in PhotoShop to cross process my digital files with similar effect! Here are Vicki & Chris sitting on the steps that lead to nowhere!

Joy set the couple here for this really pretty shot.

First dance with Joy using the radio slave to light our couple from behind!! I just love this effect.

5 thoughts on “Haciendas De Las Flores

  1. Hi Jules and Joy! Thank you for capturing all the moments of our wedding so beautifully. We cannot wait to see more! You both were such a pleasure to work with and we had so much fun!

  2. Jules! I totally love those ring shots! Nice work. I think one of my faves is that venue shot with the fisheye. It’s beautiful! I also really love the cake shot. Very nice perspective.

    You are too amazing!

  3. Hi Juliet! I love when you and Joy shoot together. The pictures also turn out great! (as usual). Beautiful couple and beautiful wedding!!!!!

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