Jules Bianchi back on SPM!

The hugely popular Cut Frame TV breaks its “Simple Photo Minutes” into various types of episodes. I was down in Orange County for a family portrait and Chenin Boutwell’s birthday party, so I decided to stop in to see my good friend, Dane Sanders, in his new Airstream trailer and contribute to an episode of “What’s in your Bag?”

Thank you, Dane, for inviting me to be a part of the Simple Photo Minute again! So fun!! And I LOVE your Airstream trailer…

click the pic to see the show!

6 thoughts on “Jules Bianchi back on SPM!

  1. Jeanne, I know I have a lot of lenses… I think a good wedding photographer should have a comparable amount!! Yes, its a lot of dough and I do worry about it. Its all insured…

    Jen, yes! That IS the film, only that is the 35 mm version and the Holga takes 120.

  2. Ya another photographers blog I read, Clay Enos has commented how he always gets stuff stolen at weddings. I would be freaked out having that much gear in my bag I would hire someone just to guard it. In either case, I really loved the video as well!

  3. Hi Jules! I really enjoyed watching this video! I especially enjoy watching the video; since it is the only time I really see you “in person.”

    It’s alot of fun, and you are so cute (as usual). I was wondering how much $$$$$ all of those lenses and cameras add up to! I am sure that you keep the bag hand cuffed to yourself when you travel!

    So, how is that collection of lenses compared to the average professional photographer? I only ask because the collection seemed pretty impressive.


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