Richard Nixon Library

christy & matt.
october 14, 2006

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot the most beautiful wedding in Yorba Linda at the Richard Nixon Library. There were a lot of people and even more details, and the day went smoothly thanks to Jeannie Savage of Details Details Wedding & Event Planning. I also loved the intricate aisle runner provided by Aisle Art Studio. And of course, the amazing flowers were by the fantastic Square Root Designs.

There were just too many favorites to feature here, so I’ve made fun slideshow of the wedding… Click here to view it!

just a few favs:

I LOVED Christy’s insane eyelashes!!

Smokin’ hot bride…

Matt & all the fellows…

The creative Aisle Art:

Getting married.

This is always my favorite moment – the announcement of Mr. & Mrs…

The ball room was COVERED in flowers and amazing details…

I love finding creative ways to shoot the wedding bands. Here they are on the silver bottles that were provided for guests to blow bubbles on the couple as they left the building.

I love the back of the girl’s dresses!

Check out the bottom of Christy’s shoes!! That girl has some style…

7 thoughts on “Richard Nixon Library

  1. 11/4/2010 this wedding got to my heart because you automatically now that this marriage will last for ever.
    Congrats Matt on you super LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wedding wish from me:).

  2. Beautiful wedding but.. .the RICHARD NIXON Library? As a wedding site? That’s a weird choice, even if it is nicely landscaped.

    That seems like tempting fate… although Nixon did marry a lovely lady and stayed married to her for the rest of his otherwise troubled life.

  3. Gorgeous!!! I’ve never seen such beautiful photos of a wedding/reception. It isn’t tough when the bride is beautiful and flawless, but what amazing work!!

  4. Wow. The groom is so gorgeous. Ok, Ok, the bride is “Smokin’ hot” like you said!!!! You did a great job capturing their day!

  5. bittersweet…………………..
    thank you Jules for sharing your amazing talents to document Christy’s very special day.

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