Tiny creatures at the Pumpkin Patch!

One of the Bay Area mother’s groups called me to organize a group photo session. On Tuesday, I photographed all 12 children at the Clayton Pumpkin Patch. They were each around one year old and all dolled up in their Halloween costumes!

To see ALL the images, please click here.

In alphabetical order… here are all the little creatures I photographed that day:

A ballerina.

A bee.

Darth Vader.

A dragon.

A giraffe.

A kitty.

A ladybug.

Robin Hood.

A scarecrow.

A spider.

A zebra.

6 thoughts on “Tiny creatures at the Pumpkin Patch!

  1. GREAT pictures! Little ones in costume a recipe for amazing shots!

    I’m currious, did you have to get special permission to do this at the pumpkin patch? I have a family who would like to have their family portraits done at a local patch and I wasn’t sure if I needed special permission or not.

    Again GREAT shots!

  2. Juliet- Wow! These are such awesome pictures! I think you really captured each childs personality (or mood)……..I told you that you have a gift for photographing children. This proves it! The costumes are so amazing. The pictures that stand out the most in my mind are Darth Vader (with the tear!), The cat (my favorite picture), the scarecrow, and robin hood (my other favorite picture). Wow! So cute! Also; kudos to the Moms for being organized enough to get the costumes and the Photographer lined up before halloween (not to mention getting everyone together). Did you get a group photo!? I know it’s hard to get one at that age…………….
    Wow. Totally Cute! You should submit the pictures to the paper there (The Times?!)…….they can publish them in the paper for Halloween. I remember going to a pumpkin patch in Clayton years ago………..

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