Holiday PIE!!

I seriously can’t believe its the holidays again. This year has absolutely flown by! Joy came down to LA on Friday to get a lot of JB Photography work done in my office (and to second shoot with me at Sunday’s wedding) and on Monday we drove to the Bay Area to spend the holiday together!

Today was baking day at my sister’s house, so we baked Apple Cranberry pies. And by “we” I mean THEY made the pies, and I documented the making of them. Much more fun for me! However, as fun as it is for me to photograph the pie MAKING, I think maybe I’m more excited about the pie EATING…

YUM!! Tonight we’re making the pumpkin pie….

5 thoughts on “Holiday PIE!!

  1. Hi Jules! I meant the comment to Joy in response to her comment 😉

    Anyway, Those 2 groups of pictures (and especially the top group of pictures) is so gorgeous! I think you should have them framed and perhaps sell them………do you ever sell framed pictures?! (Outside of a private client situation)??!?!

  2. Actually, I think the pie baker (your daughter), was well documented. HAHA. I am glad you drove back together to the bay area. I think it’s awesome that you and Joy have chances like that to spend one on one time together.
    The ingrediants for the pies look increadible. I just wish I could taste them! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Happy Thanksgiving to the twin “J’s”, and to your families!

    May this holiday season bring much love and laughter to you and yours!

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