The Mitten House, Redlands

heather & daron.
november 19, 2006

Despite the heat, yesterday’s wedding in Redlands was really lovely. Heather & Daron were so enthusiastic, and they were really excited about getting fun shots! They saw each other before the ceremony so we could make the best use of the afternoon light.

There were so many beautiful aspects to Heather & Daron’s wedding that I have made a slideshow if you’re interested in seeing more. Just click here!

On a sidenote, I used the amber top on Gary Fong’s lightsphere for the reception, and I was very pleased with the natural-looking results.

5 thoughts on “The Mitten House, Redlands

  1. Jules–We LOVE the pictures! You have captured our day so we can always remember it. Thank you so much!
    Heather & Daron

  2. Hi Juliet! WOW – That “slide show” is so increadible. I just loved it (and I don’t even know the couple). I think you did a perfect job. The picture of them in black and white (on your blog), is one of my favorites.

    I just think you did such an excellent job of capturing their day, and every little thing.

    Breathless Photography!


  3. I love these pictures! It makes me so happy to see a friend from APU. I worked with Daron and Joy in Service Learning. I am so glad they had you to take their photos. They are beautiful!

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