Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

For those of you who don’t know, St. Nicholas Day is typically celebrated in Eastern Europe – its the day that St. Nick leaves gifts in the shoes of the good children. My mother is Ukrainian, and growing up, I always found nice surprises on December 6th. Its such a fun way to kick off the holiday season!! (If you don’t get coal, that is…)

This morning Olive woke me with her barking… I was so excited to find that St. Nicholas had left me a nice gift at the front door! I have a sneaking suspicion that St. Nick might live in San Francisco because there is a lot of nice things from Ghiradelli in my basket!

What do you think, MOM??? (I LOVE YOU!)

3 thoughts on “Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

  1. Hi Jules,

    Read about you in the WPPI magazine. I am an aspiring photographer in Atl. Your blog kept me awake most of the night, lol! I love following other photography blogs, getting ideas, tips, trens and inspiration. Congratulations to all your success. You work is awesome!

  2. You’re right! There is a hint in here to say, we want you in San Francisco. Lots of nice goodies on this side of the bay….all except you!
    Can’t wait until you are here for the holidays.
    Happy St. Nick’s
    P.S. Look for more to come today.

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