Leather Craftsmen Pizza Party!!

Each holiday season, Leather Craftsmen throws a fun pizza party at Robert Evan’s studio in North Hollywood for all of its clients. That party was yesterday, so I hung out with a gaggle of wedding photographers all day! The battery died on my point-and-shoot almost immediately, so I have Becker and Cat of Next Exit Photography to thank for the images.

There were SOO many cool people there, but … you get the idea with these few pics… its really fun to see everyone in one place like that. Thanks, LC, for the good time!

Here is Jules Bianchi and rockstar, Robert Evans (of recent Tom & Katie fame – way to go, Rob!)

Jules Bianchi and hot hottie, Sterling Franken-Steffen

The infamous Becker and adorable Tiffany Stern

Cat of Next Exit Photography, Cheri Steinberg Cote & Dina Douglass

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