Los Angeles Weddings Magazine launch party

I love the parties that Los Angeles Weddings Magazine throws for its vendors! Last night’s party for the launch of the Spring issue did NOT disappoint!

Some of the players…

Los Angeles Weddings Magazine editor, Kathy Nenneker & Jules Bianchi

Photographer Brian Kramer, Bridal Bar owner, Harmony Walton, and photographer Robert Evans

a little love for Jules from Rob & Brian….

Creative Blu’s Michelle Arnett and photographer Alice G Patterson

Rene of R Jack Balthazar and Occasion’s Mary Sushinski.

Photographer Todd Johnson and Red Loft Studio owner, Jenny Stafford.

Jules Bianchi and floral designer Linnae Asiel of Asiel Design.

Jenny Stafford, Jules Bianchi and Wedding coordinator Stephanie Lairson.

I want to thank Dana Grant who photographed the event on my behalf – She will be shooting with me at a lot of my Los Angeles weddings this year, and I was grateful she could cover this event for me! She is the best!

Dana Grant and me.

My new favorite party activity – the Red Cheese Photo Booth!

Jules & Dana hamming it up….

me and my new friend, Chris Jaros of Progressive Marketing & Media.

Last but NOT least… LA Weddings Magazine gave out kick-ass gift bags with all kinds of goodies for everyone!

4 thoughts on “Los Angeles Weddings Magazine launch party

  1. So much fun that night!! Thanks for not posting my photo booth images YUCK!
    It was great seeing your beautiful place afterwards, with all of your beautiful pictures and colorful walls! Fun Stuff!

  2. I love the picture of you (with Dana Grant). It is a really great picture of you. You can even see the color of your eyes!!

    I enjoyed being able to see in the gift bags as well! …………..

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