My logo comes to LIFE!!

How cute is this???

The innovative Chris Jaros of Progressive Marketing & Media sent this to me today… its actually a work in progress, but I love it SO much I just had to show it off.

When its finished, it will go on the splash page of my website and on the promo DVD that Ron Dawson of Cinematic Studios is creating for me.

I just love it!

12 thoughts on “My logo comes to LIFE!!

  1. I LOVE IT!!! It’s so adorable and so are you! John, Bear and I had a blast with you guys on Saturday! Let’s schedule another outing SOON!

  2. When you showed that to me yesterday, I thought to myself, “I want one of those.” But my logo doesn’t have any cool thingymabobs to animate like yours. It will look very cool in your promo.

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