Contest results!!

Okay okay… I admit that I am completely obsessed with Blythe. I fell in love with her after I saw Gina Garan’s book.

Anyway, the contest winner (and Starbucks card recipient) is blog reader Scot who came up with the following Blythe trivia:

1)The Blythe dolls were created in 1972.

2)They were made by Kenner and produced in Hong Kong.

3)The original dolls were only in production for one year.

4)The original dolls featured blinkable eyes that changed the eye color with the pull of a string in the back of the dolls head.

5)Gina Garan, a photographer, is probably most credited for the return to popularity of the Blythe dolls.

My Blythe also has the string in back that will change her eyes, so this is the same doll in all four photos. And she was customized especially for me! If you ever need to get me a gift, you can’t go wrong with something Blythe!

and close up…(the blue eye has the tiny camera from my logo, but its really too dark to actually see)

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