Manhattan Beach

I love my engagement shoot questionnaire. It really helps me figure out WHO my couples are, and we always come up with places to shoot that are significant for that specific couple.

Teri & Chris decided they wanted their pictures taken at their home (so we could incorporate Groucho,, their cute dog) and at their two favorite restaurants – just walking distance away. They were really fun to be around, and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding on Catalina Island this September!

Teri is sooo pretty!

Mr. Smirk…

They both liked the wall in front of North End – one of their favorite spots.

I love that Teri’s engagement ring is a sapphire – so unusual!

Restaurant #2 – Sloopy’s (funny name, cool place)

The fabulous Mr. Groucho…

Its fun to get shots at home!

8 thoughts on “Manhattan Beach

  1. It’s so cool that those questions are doing such fun things with your clients. I love it!

    The sweet dog is to die for. I love him! And her ring is absolutely gorgeous. I love the third image. It looks like you caught them in the middle of a conversation. It’s great!

    The mailbox is such a great perspective. Your eye is so awesome to have seen that.

  2. I love her ring! It is great when couples are not so stuck on having a diamond. Her ring really stands out and makes a statement.

    Great work too 🙂 I have been following your blog for a while now – keep up the fun posts! I would love to know what kind of questions you ask too…

    – Tessa

  3. I love the picture of the couple with the dog (where Chris is holding the dog). There is a youthfulness in him (captured in this picture), that is really adorable. I hope they use that picture for something significant.

    Of course the “Bride” looks awesome in every picture!

  4. what kind of things do you ask on the Engagment questionnaire?

    love your work…live in Denver and found you on The Becker site…your fresh, quirky style is inspiring to me.

    keep it up.

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