Turning 13

My job is really too much fun. Jalen will be 13 next month, and his mom wanted fun, natural portraits that would really reveal who he is right now. (A super cool kid.) Jalen is also a rockstar basketball player, so after we were finished with the portraits, we headed down to the courts so I could get action shots while Jalen played hoops with his brother.


6 thoughts on “Turning 13

  1. just a question. the one of him holding the ball. did you photoshop the NBA to put it right side up?
    Very clever.

  2. The intensity in the second to the last picture is great! He looks like he’s ready for college ball. 🙂 The composition of him with the ball is such a great portrait. He looks like an intense kid who also knows how to relax. These pictures totally make me want to meet him.

  3. I love the pictures. I think the ones of him holding the basketball, and the one of him making the shot are the best! Oh, and the first one is good, as is the one of him wearing the baseball hat….damn. I guess they are all good!

  4. You totally have the coolest job! The pictures look great. I love the fact that his mother wanted to capture how he is now, it will be nice to have those pictures when he gets older. Wonderful job as always Jules.:)

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