Berkeley Rose Garden

The weather was perfect today in Berkeley when I photographed Debi & Garret at the Rose Garden. This was actually the first time I met them in person, and I was so happy to discover that they are fun as well as super cute. They are getting married this July at Viansa Winery, I know we are going to have a GREAT time on their wedding day!

Some favs:

4 thoughts on “Berkeley Rose Garden

  1. Hi Juliet!

    WOW – I know I often compliment your work, but these pictures are REALLY exceptional. Yes, it helps that this couple is so attractive, however I am totally blown away by these pictures.

    I had a hard time picking my favorites, as they are all so good! I would have to say #3,4,and 11 were great, but the very best were #5 and #9. If I were them, I would pick the last one as their engagement photo. It is exceptional.


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