Penelope at the Animal Rescue Foundation!

Happy Birthday, Penelope!!

Tomorrow is Penelope’s 6th birthday, and she had her party today at the Animal Rescue Foundation.

Millie was so excited when Joy loaded balloons into the car…its not a party without balloons!

Penny’s beautiful cake…

Everyone got into the animal spirit!

The kids practiced taking their pets to the vet…

Some faces of ARF…

This is Scrapple, the cat I REALLY wanted to take home with me… I’m just not so sure how Olive and Abigail would feel about him!

Even Ms. Olive got a special toy from ARF! Doesn’t she look so happy?

2 thoughts on “Penelope at the Animal Rescue Foundation!

  1. Jules, The balloon pic captures me… I have to keep looking only to find your amazing talent with children and animals! Thanx for sharing your talent with all of us.
    I can’t wait for you to capture Jacob Michael………

    Shana (Nana)

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