Pysanky, 2007

Easter is one of my most favorite times of the year. This is because every year my friends come over throughout the week to make Pysanky (Ukranian Easter Eggs) with me. The only pre-request I require is that they bring Easter candy for us to munch on while we work. Its fun to get creative while catching up on the latest gossip!

Thank you to Dina Douglass, April Rocha, Chris Jaros, Tiffany Shine and Julie Weaver who joined me throughout the week to make their own eggs! I am really impressed with everyone’s eggs this year. Julie had so much fun she went out and bought her OWN kit!!

To see last year’s efforts, click here and here!

Thank you to Dina Douglass for this cute pic of me!

Poor Julie made this GORGEOUS egg, and it broke as she was taking off the wax!! I just love the color combination of orange and blue….

14 thoughts on “Pysanky, 2007

  1. Hey Jules,
    Crazy town, I do this too! Long story but my family is Polish, hence the exposure, though I do enjoy the Ukranian designs most. I didn’t make the time to do them this year and your post made me nostalgic… I won’t skip next year for sure, A Pysanki party is a great idea!
    Mel (from Pictage)

  2. We just saw an episode of Unwrapped on Food Network that talked about Pysanky.

    Then I come to your blog and BOOM….Pysanky!!

    How cool is that???

    Where would one find his own kit? Internet or is there a place locally?

  3. These are absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Well, I guess technically I have, but they weren’t real eggs.

    So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The eggs are so beautiful! I love the picture of your cat – it’s really pretty. It looks like you have a truly cool group of friends there! Happy Easter, Juliet!

  5. Those are beautiful! I especially love the dark blue on the far right. What a cool tradition to have each year! Happy Easter!

  6. These pysanky are beautiful. I am so glad to see that the tradition continues. XP Christos Vaskres
    – Christ has Risen. Happy Easter! Babcia would be very proud of you and so so happy that you are making pysanky.

  7. I wish I had made it over – they looks SO beautiful! You’ve got to do something like this at Christmas and I’m there…

  8. I broke my egg last year, and this year, my egg was so sad. Next year, I will be sure to use the thin wax tool thinigie instead of the thick one that makes sketchy, scratchy lines. But it was so much fun, Jules. Thanks for including me. 🙂

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