Walt Disney Concert Hall

nancy & andy.

I was so excited when Nancy told me she was going to wear a blue gown for her wedding day! It went so perfectly with the silver exterior of her venue, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. Nancy is an artist and had very cool elements to her wedding…check out a few of my favorite shots from the day:

In lieu of a first dance, Nancy and Andy asked some friends of theirs who had been married a little longer to dance for them…

9 thoughts on “Walt Disney Concert Hall

  1. i was searching in google image for a pic when i dicvovered ur blog

    cant find words
    ur sooooo talented
    and these pics r just real art
    everyone is sooooo unique and…just amazing

    u made me want to hold my camera again
    i love taking pics
    but after what i saw i’m thinking seriously of taking courses to be a professional
    just like u

    soooooo glad to find such a talented person
    wish u all success

  2. AMAZING photos!

    To clarify: they were married at Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles, not Disneyland.

  3. Pretty bride, pretty dress, great place to get married! The groom has a handsome smile! There must be an interesting (and endearing) story behind this marriage. I would love to hear it! (And why the chose Disneyland to get married!)


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