Baby Grace.

Today I drove over to the unbelievably cute town of Glendora to shoot Grace and her family. And HOW excited was I to meet Harley, the family dog?? He and baby Grace were huge fans of each other…

(For photographers – The vintage look on most of these shots was done with my custom PhotoShop presets. Shoot me an email if you want to learn more!)

7 thoughts on “Baby Grace.

  1. First of, baby Grace is absolutely adorable! Second, I love the photos you took of this family. Especially those baby Grace and family dog photos! Oh my gosh, the second one down..soooo cuteness! It reminds me of the relationship my 11 month old has with our family dog!

  2. The strangest thing….I was searching photography websites (because I love photography) and ran across yours. I was scrolling thru your beautiful photography and ran across a family I knew, not personally, from a church we used to attend in Brighton, MI. Small world! Absolutely beautiful photos! I love the vintage look.

  3. Everyone has been so impressed with your talent that has viewed these pics! You are amazing, Jules! Thank you soooo much! I miss you too, Joy!!

  4. I love the one of the dog resting on her foot and the one on the portch the best! But all of them are simply amazing!

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